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02-795 Warszawa
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Special services

When necessary we can also perform non standard duties like:

  • light roofs and railings made from glass and stainless steel according to individual designs
  • rebuilding and modernization of entrances for public buildings
  • drying of walls, basements, floors using professional technologies and appliances other projects according to customer needs

We can also offer you:

  • repairs of dilatation in warehouses, storage rooms and loading ramps
  • repairs of loading docs in logistic centers
  • repairs of horizontal insulation in floors
  • sealing of waste liquid disposal systems
  • repairs of floors as a whole and exchange of single tiles in sales areas and reception areas
  • rebuilding, modernization, service and repairs of and in cold and freezing rooms
  • repairs and service of cold and freezing rooms doors
  • repairs, relocation and removal of walls in cold and freezing rooms
  • repairs of floors in cold and freezing rooms
  • rebuilding, renovation and adaptation of rooms for office purposes including repairs, relocation and removal of walls
  • assembly of fenders, barriers made of steel and stainless steel, coated and / or painted
  • rebuilding and building of fire walls and fire exits
  • exchange of special equipment and appliances i. e. in back ups of shops and in storage rooms

All mentioned above and other jobs, subject to negotiations, can be performed according to customer design in preparation of which the customer can participate or according to our design, prepared by our specialists.