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Shops, restaurants, offices

For us it doesn’t matter if you want to open small but modern shop or have a shopping gallery with shops meeting requirements of different known brands. We can do that.

In our scope of works you can find, sorted by groups:

Masonry: suspended ceilings, elevated floors, masonry and cardboard walls, ceramic tiles floors, carpeting, wooden floors
Electricity: lights, power supply systems, low current installations, reserved power supply systems
Sanitary: water and central heating installations including waste water disposal systems
Air conditioning and ventilation: Autonomous air conditioning systems, or systems based on external supplies of iced water

We can also do restaurants with eating halls, serving areas, toilettes, preparation rooms, kitchens, storage rooms and office area. And we can guarantee that you will meet all standards and therefore receive all permits that will allow you to open and run successful business. Doing this all we can use your design or we can offer you our design prepared by ours or working with us specialists.