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Air conditioning and ventilation

We have a vast experience in air conditioning and ventilation so we can offer you systems based on your design, or we can design for your specific needs systems that will suite you perfectly. We can do them as single unit or units, multiple units, “split” or “multi-split” systems with capacities according to your needs.

In systems we offer we are using very modern components produced by well known companies like: IV Products, Centrum Klima, Sysemair, VTS, Swegon, Frapol, Venture Industries, and power supply systems (aggregates) mainly from DAIKIN Company.

We also provide automatics for those system.

All our projects that we delivered and assembled up till today are meeting highest standards and are based on newest technology achievements so it’s no wonder that all of them are working and are in good condition (if we service them) as confirmed by references we have.

So it’s your decision – what do you want - design, appliances only, appliances and assembly, with or without warranty and post-warranty service. We are flexible and understanding.