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Clean Rooms

While this is a new field of our activities we already gained quite good experience on this field.

We are the only representative for polish market of G+H Rheinraumtechnik company, Germany, which is using 30 years of experience to produce and supply products and solutions for all classes of purity.

Full offer is available on their web site and if you need product that is not on our standard offer but it’s available there – we will get it for you.

Using those systems and elements we can build clean and sterile rooms for production, research rooms, laboratories for many different branches of scientific institutions, hospitals and industry.

Our main customers are:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • biotechnological industry
  • medical purposes – operating theaters, special rooms, laboratories, isolation rooms
  • electronic industry – special production rooms, laboratories

For them we can offer elements of building system that consists of:

  • walls module in several makes
  • ceilings module in several makes
  • glassed walls
  • door opening alarm systems
  • control systems for clean and sterile rooms including systems reading and comparing specified parameters

We also offer different types of floors with necessary assembling and connecting elements and / or units.

We can offer you unique design solution or standard systems adapted to your needs. Offered systems can be combined with other systems like air conditioning, ventilation, waste water disposal or other industrial systems.

For clean and sterile rooms we recommend the most modern solutions – rotating or sliding doors, with sealants, opened manually or automatically with higher noise reduction seals. Those types of doors meet highest standards of requirements.