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Anmark M. Czarnacki company can deliver elements for your project but also can design, build and equip chilling facility giving you just the keys to ready project.

We are doing following types of projects:

  • chilling storage rooms
  • chilling rooms for food processing industry
  • storage halls and buildings (all sizes)
  • logistic storages for big operators
  • distribution halls for diary products.

When building, if customers does not have other wishes, we prefer to use sandwich panels with polyurethane core of high quality, confirmed by trials and certificates obtained in Poland and Europe.

We can also do typical masonry works like laying floors (liquid and stable), electrical installations in freezing rooms floors, laying tiles on floors and walls.

For smaller cubature buildings we can offer foldable chilling and freezing rooms, free standing, made from panels locked together with eccentric bolts.

We can also offer only specialized doors made by leading European producers.

Cold rooms accessories

We can offer you different accessories made from stainless and acid-proof steel INOX like:

  • meat rail systems
  • corners
  • parapets
  • water run-off systems with crates and line outlets
  • fenders

In recent years we have noticed growing interest in the prefabricated concrete skirting blocks offered by us and produced by a renowned Belgian company PolySto. In our offer, you may find them both with or without assembling.

We also provide PE 500 and PE 1000 polyethylene or polypropylene elements for machines or confecting lines, such as beadings, technology tabletops and casing elements.

Cooling devices

We provide and assemble chilling systems according to specific designs for chilling halls or logistic centers. In our offer, you can also find integrated supplying circuits for gas stations, supermarkets, food processing plants and other types buildings.

Cold rooms

Chilling chambers are very important part of our business. We can deliver them to your place with or without assembling, made of sandwich multilayer panels.

Depending of the size of ordered chamber we can recommend several solutions and types of them. For example in case of smaller capacities (like restaurant or hotel back-ups) we can deliver foldable chambers fully equipped in all necessary elements and accessories.

When designing and / or completing big centers or just single chambers we propose delivery or delivery and assembling of the chamber together with extra works and installations to protect floors and structural elements (poles) from freezing-out which might ruin their stability. We also offer systems to prevent moveable elements of doors to freeze-out.

Those systems that are autonomic and fully automatic consist of electrically heating elements like mats, cables, self-regulating cables together with power supply units, steering units and elements, control and protection systems together with “man in chamber” protecting system necessary to provide security for people working in low temperature areas.

Those elements and systems are offered on the basis of elements and components produced by Kloepper, leader on the market for this type of systems.

It is obvious that floor or other structural elements heating installations are also used for other than “cold industry” purposes. You can find them in entrances to the garages, parking buildings but also at the entrances to the buildings used for government and / or ceremonial purposes.

Together with the mentioned above installations and systems we can offer our own solutions and our own controlling and signaling systems of the door opening status, sabotage resistant (excluding mechanical destruction). Those systems are recommended for multi chamber areas that can be controlled only from the distance by electronic means and systems.

All systems in our offer have full documentation, certificates and attests.